Harmonizing Systems for Visual Transformation with iPaaS

Struggling with fragmented data and data silos?
Experiencing data in motion visibility issues and errors, due to lack of a modern application integration platform?
Aekyam, an all-in-one centralized iPaaS platform with cloud based solution, can be your best bet!
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Acuver’s Cutting-edge iPaaS with Cloud-based Solutions

Unify, Simplify, Amplify with Aekyam

Aekyam is a self-service intelligent integration platform that you can effortlessly configure and operate to break data silos and connect heterogenous data sources or applications with unparallel ease and simplicity. With enterprise integration patterns support and API management capabilities our cloud-agnostic iPaaS solution, Aekyam comes with pre-built adapters tailored for smooth launch across diverse industries, including order management and warehouse management, reducing TTV and TCO.

Play Video about Know more about, Aekyam, crafted by industry experts with deep knowledge in order management and warehouse management.


Solve Your Most Intricate Integration Problems with 360-Degree Data in Motion Insights

From uncovering bottlenecks, inefficiencies, to swiftly identifying the origins of data integration errors allowing reprocess from point of failure, our comprehensive data traceability derived from Aekyam’s intelligent integration platform equips you to make informed decisions. Experience a 30% reduction in implementation and operations effort, coupled with unparalleled flexibility, resiliency, high availability, and real-time payload visibility with Aekyam’s cloud based solutions.

What Makes Aekyam More than Just an Intelligent Integration Platform?


Aekyam integrates on-premises as well as cloud-based applications and supports a wide range of connectors, data formats, enterprise integration patterns and APIs.

Ease of Use
and Extensibility

User-friendly features and intuitive UI to simplify the process of designing, deploying and managing integrations or configurations.

and Reliability

The platform comes with high availability and reliability along with disaster recovery features to ensure minimal downtime for critical integrations.

and Compliance

With role-based access controlled, supported and backed by identity and access management (IAM) system, Aekyam protects data during transit and storage.

and Analytics

Built with integrations performance and health dashboards, Aekyam helps with comprehensive monitoring and alerting mechanism to track failures.


With an option to choose the best suited iPaaS plan based on your requirement, Aekyam helps achieve lower TTV and TCO.


Easily Adaptable Self-Service Suite

Aekyam provides one-stop cloud based solution with self-service UI portal which is persona driven and allows drag and drop workflow configurations, data mappings, low code no code extensibility, payload lifecycle traceability with reprocess, replay and data in motion analytics. The self-service suite helps efficiently implement and operate application integrations, automate workflows, and scale digital experiences for all users and processes.


Tailor your integration experience effortlessly. Our intuitive UI/UX empowers you to effortlessly establish connections, map data fields, configure triggers, and implement data transformation rules.


Take full control of your integrations with ease. Start, stop, or adjust integrations seamlessly, while accessing real-time updates, performance metrics, and troubleshooting tools to ensure smooth operation.


Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making. Track data flow, analyze usage trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement with actionable insights. Optimize integration workflows and elevate performance to new heights.

Aekyam Integration Marketplace

Aekyam platform’s Integration Marketplace allows seamless publication and consumption of pre-built application adapters for accelerating integration journey across various domains, including order management and warehouse management to help reduce time to market and cost of ownership.

Our Happy Clients!

Praveen Shrikhande Chief Digital and Information Officer at Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd

We are an Alpha user of Aekyam and have used it even prior to its official launch! It fulfills a critical requirement in the integration landscape, facilitating seamless integration across on-premises systems, cloud platforms, and various other technologies essential for Ecommerce businesses. This is an area where there was a solution gap and Aekyam is well- positioned to bridge that. We extend our best wishes to Acuver for the success of Aekyam!


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Are you experiencing challenges with data silos and integration bottlenecks specially in order management and warehouse management? Are you facing limitations in achieving seamless connectivity and agility across different applications? Acuver’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution, Aekyam, can help. Get in touch with our experts today to know how our intelligent integration platform can create robust integration solutions tailored to your specific integration and automation requirements.

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